Innovation Services

We offer several types of Innovation Workshops aimed at facilitating the discovery, definition and co-creation of new digital solutions.

  • Innovation session
  • Discovery workshop
  • Co-creation workshop


Innovation projects

Discover our research and development projects.


HELIOS will create a decentralized social media platform that will address the dynamic nature of human communications in three dimensions: contextual, spatial and temporal.
This platform provides an extension for mobile operating systems (focus on Android), providing easy-to-apply peer-to-peer social media functionality for 3rd party developers.


The main goal of M-Sec project is to empower IoT stakeholders to develop, deploy and operate novel IoT applications based on a scalable highly decentralized paradigm, which facilitates incentivized peer-to-peer interactions between objects and people. The project is a collaboration between the EU and Japan and is coordinated by Worldline.


R&D project to provide new innovative forms of content creation, sharing, personalized consumption, monetization and copyrights based on Blockchain technologies. The project offers innovative services for the media industry, among others, and its results will be validated for three cases of use by pilots with companies.

Next Care

Solution focused on integrated care services for chronic patients with a personalized medicine foundation and has 3 main objectives: (i) regional deployment of services; (ii) catalan test-bed for international leadership as 4-star EIP-AHA reference site; (iii) transfer and exploitation of new products and services which generate return value.

Agile Tento

Agile is a European innovation project developed by different partners together with Worldline whose main objective is the development of a platform for the centralized management of IoT devices.


Based on the European IoT SimbIoTe project of IoT and proximity services for users in sports facilities or events, we have carried out a Smart Stadium pilot project for the hockey club Atl├Ętic Terrassa (Barcelona) in its own facilities with features such as geolocation, seat delivery, localized offers, etc.

Social Care

Development of a community platform for a sustainable social care network by empowered citizens in local communities that supports older people using tablets and smartphones to foster communication, exchange of information and neighborly help.

Smart City Hospitality

Development of Smart City Hospitality guidelines and tools for cities that could help them find solutions to achieve sustainable tourism and actively involve the public in doing so, with the aim to change city tourism into something that benefits tourists, residents and the environment.

Smart Retail

Smart Retail will investigate the most advanced technologies to determine consumer behavior in stores, so that retailers can provide better and personalized services, but without affecting their privacy.


The main objective of CloudOpting is to increase the usage of cloud computing by public administrations by providing a shared platform to public institutions and governments.


Development of a mobile personalized assistant for elderly people, enabling them to remain independent, facilitating coordination with their caregivers and promoting social inclusion.


Development of an elastic platform for testing complex distributed large software systems.

Bigdata Stack

The objective is the development of a new generation open-source platform for the analysis and prediction of large volumes of data in real time. The BigDataStack results will be validated by three commercial use cases.