Style guide

This entry displays a style guide section of the framework divided in three subjects: typographies, colours and logotype library. It is based on new Worldline branding and all of it has been adapted -following the rules of accessibility and legibility- to the size and resolution of the VALINA terminal.

However, it should be taken as an example, as it allows the possibility of making modifications to adapt it to the customer’s brand if it appears to be necessary. The color palette, typographies and logos are all replaceable and customisable. Regarding the customisation part, it must be taken into account that the accessibility ratios in terms of legibility and color contrast must be maintained.


In this category, we have gathered different styles of font types that support the needs of a VALINA product and its content. As we cannot use the regular sizes established in Google Material for smartphone terminals due to the VALINA terminal’s screen size and resolution, as well of its context of use, we have adapted this list of font styles with suitable measures to be used for different types of text in order to keep usability and give a good answer on accessibility and legibility rules.


Below we present a library of corporative colors with greyscale options available as automatic styles. We have added examples of project colors, showing that they can be replaced. In the following example, we see how the primary colors must be used on digital platforms in order to meet with accessibility standards.

Logotype library

This library includes launchers, status bar icons, different examples of Worldline logotypes and empty placeholders for different logotypes that can be displayed on a product.