In this section, a variety of different icons from Android Material, MCC custom design and Worldline corporate design are displayed. You can be found them sorted by categories.

Android Material icons

Android Material icons are a collection of icons extracted from Google library. In our framework, we have adapted them “ready-to-use” and adjusted to fit correctly throughout the styles and the working process of the VALINA base file.

MCC Custom icons

MCC Custom icons are a collection of icons that have been designed or customised in order to cover the necessities of different MCC clients’ projects. To facilitate the search, you will find them classified by categories according to their meaning.

Common and Navigation

Documents, Organization and Time

Settings, Security, Connectivity and Sensors

People and Avatars

Video, sound and Communication

Sports and Games

Brands and Social networks

e-Commerce and Money


Text edition

Transportation and Location

Buildings, House furniture and Energy


Worldline icons

Worldline icons are a set of corporate icons exclusive to the Worldline brand. They can only be used in internal products of this brand.